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With BioGrademy, You can Explore Your Career Goals

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As a BioGrademy instrutor, you'll have access to our global student-base.

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You can increase your income by teaching on BioGradedemy


Creating BioGrademy courses allows you to educate from anywhere, at any time.

Make a difference

Showcase your teaching skills and knowledge

How to Become a BioGrademy Instructor?

If you already have video content or need assistance developing your first BioGrademy course, we can help.

We’ll assist you in sharing your experience and provide you with the opportunity to connect with millions of students around the world. We’ll keep working together to improve people’s lives through education.

Here are some steps for joining BioGrademy as an Instructor.

Sample video

Send us a sample video and get feedback.


Discuss curriculum with our team.

Get Approval

Get your course layout approved by our SMEs.

Start Creating

You can start creating your course.


  1. Make a course Plan

Before you begin designing your first course, it is crucial to prepare ahead. That way, you’ll have a clear picture of what you’re going to demonstrate and whom your course is intended for.

  1. Pick a subject that interests you. 

We’ll assist you in identifying in-demand topics and guiding you through the process of developing appropriate courses for you.

  1. Determine your target student.

Understanding your target students will help you discover unique learning goals and design a course for a specific audience.

  1. Determine your learning goals as well as the layout of your course. 

It’s necessary to evaluate the course learning goals ahead of time if you want to create a well-structured course that applies to your potential students.

  1. Make a video.

Use simple equipment such as a smartphone or a DSLR camera. You’ll need a proper microphone to get started.

In any case, a paid course should include at least two hours of content. And once you are done, you can publish your video.

  1. Promotion

Promote your course on social media and across your professional networks to get your first ratings and feedback

Your course will be easily accessible in our marketplace, and from each paid enrollment will earn money.

How we assist you

We have a plethora of resources about how to make your first course. Additionally, our teacher dashboard and instruction pages assist you in staying coordinated.

Although our global promotions direct people to courses, our unique coupon tool allows you to offer enrollment rewards.

Throughout the process, our team is available to assist you and offer updates on test clips.

Welcome to BioGrademy

Take one step closer to your career goals with BioGrademy

We at BioGrademy thrive to evolve the way people learn and teach.

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